You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Can I upload multiple files? 

If you have multiple files, please put the files in ZIP format BEFORE uploading. Send your files via WeTransfer.com if you are sending a file larger than 100MB or need to submit your file at a date later than when you place your order.


What files do you Accept? 

Acceptable file types for upload are as follows: Hi-Res PDF.


What is bleed? 

If your artwork has background colors or images that should go all the way to the edge of the sheet when trimmed, then your artwork needs to include an extra 1/8” of image on all four edges beyond the trim. This extra image is called "bleed". It will be cut off, but having the extra image ensures that you do not end up with any pieces with a small white margin on one edge.


What is trim? 

Trim area is the final cut down, finished size of your piece.


What is clear area? 

All logos, type and other important images should stay a minimum of 1/8" away from the trim, to insure nothing accidentally gets trimmed off.


What are Margins?

While 1/8" is the clear area, professional printed pieces usually do not having type going all the way to the clear area. Recommended margins vary, and increase as the size of the piece increases. For example, the recommended margin on a business card is 3/16", while the recommended margin on a letterhead is 1/2". Margins are only a recommendation and are not required.


Can changes be made to files after the initial file upload?

 Yes, you can make changes to your file after initial upload. If you need to re-submit your file, please contact us at info@jelsons.com and include your order number in your email.


What are your standard turnaround times?

If we receive print-ready artwork, orders are processed within 24 hours and usually produced within 2-4, or 5-7 business days plus shipping time from UPS depending on your product. If your artwork required some modifications, this may add time to your order's production.


Do your turnaround times include shipping time?

No, our turnaround times do not include shipping time.


Will you notify me when my order ships?

Yes, we will keep you up to date on your order as it moves through the printing process and will provide you with tracking information once it ships.


What payment options do you accept?

We currently only accept online payment through Visa/Mastercard/Amex and PayPal.


Are my files archived?

Yes. Your files are archived for 24 months. This helps us with processing repeat orders efficiently so that you do not have to continuously upload the same file.


What if I am not satisfied with my order?

If you have an issue with the quality of your order, please contact us at info@jelsons.com.