What is #jelsonstreat?

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to launch #jelsonstreat

Everyday I’ll be posting on Instagram and once a month, right away after one of my posts, I’ll be going into the comments and choosing a lucky winner for giveaways of printed products.

But what’s better than that, the printing will be your designs! 

Thats right, comment with #jelsonstreat and have a chance to get your design custom printed on one of our giveaway items; which right now are:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • T-Shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Business Cards
  • Mounted Canvas

If you want a chance to win, turn on your post notifications and comment #jelsonstreat right away!

To start, I’ll be picking one winner each month.

Be one of the first people to comment #jelsonstreat on my posts and randomly, once a month I’ll immediately go into the comments and select that month’s winner.

I’m giving away printed products designed by YOU every month... so head over to Instagram right now, turn on post notifications and comment #jelsonstreat 

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