How-To Guarantee Text Won’t Ruin Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

New to Facebook Advertising? Make sure your Ads get approved. Grab our Ad Image Text Tool to be certain yours isn’t denied!


There are several components when it comes to creating Facebook Ads. One of the most important being your Ad Image. You want to stay away from using too much text, because this can ruin your campaign.


Your image is scored with one of four ratings; all of which affect how your ad performs. Here are the four scores:


Image Text: OK

If it gets the OK, you’re good to go. Your Ad will run normally.


Image Text: Low

Facebook will approve your ad, but it will not reach as many people as it could.


Image Text: Medium

With a rating of Medium, your ad will most likely get approved, but it will reach even fewer people.


Image Text: High

Back to the drawing board. It’s likely your Ad will not run.


Too much text will limit or even stop your ad from running on Facebook altogether. As a rule, keep the text below 20%.


If you’re not sure how much 20% is, grab our Ad Image Text Tool. Place this over your art and be certain you’re not using more than Facebook will allow.


To guarantee text won’t ruin your next Facebook ad campaign, be sure to upload it at the link below and check your score.

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