5 Special Offers Every Small Business Owner Should Use To Grow Their Business

How can you grow your business without wasting time? With special offers that's how.

And here's five offers you can use to grow your business. The intent with these offers is to give more than you ask for.


1 - Your Product or Services for FREE

Who doesn't love getting something for free? Spend some time on this, it could be one of your best offers. What are you willing to give away, with no strings attached to acquire a new customer?


2 - One Page Reports or Media Updates

What's happening in your industry? What are some things we should be thinking or know about? Create a one page document and go into detail.


3 - 5-Minute Videos

Do you have the best ribs in town? Take us behind the scenes of how it's done. Are you a mechanic? Show us the best way to change our oil if we want to do it on our own? Videos are a great way to share valuable content with your audience and 5 minutes is long enough to share and short enough that you won't lose attention.


4 - Short Checklists

Checklists are a great way to save time and get results faster. If you are a Dentist, create a checklist for getting whiter teeth. Think of it this way, what value can you offer to help people improve their lives, even if they never do business with you?


5 - A List of Resources

Own a gym? What stores have the best supplements for bodybuilders? Are you a Real Estate Agent? Where are the best family-style restaurants to dine at in the city? Do you provide Child Care services? Who should I contact to get additional funding to support paying for my child's care?


Are you currently using any of these in your business right now? Have you found any that you want to try?


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