5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Every Door Direct Mail To Grow Their Business

For small businesses, marketing is the key to your success and Every Door Direct Mail, a service created by the United States Postal Service, is a cost-effective solution for satisfying your local market's wants and needs.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Every Door Direct Mail to grow your business.

1 - Save Money

Current saturation mail rates apply for Every Door Direct Mail. Currently it costs $1.00 per piece to mail standard size 1st class flats, $0.55 for standard size 1st class letters and $0.35 for standard 1st class postcards, but with Every Door Direct Mail (Retail), it costs only $0.191. 


2 - Make Money

Direct mail influences consumer purchases. Studies by Forrester Research have been conducted, stating that "direct mail directly influenced the purchase of an item or a service more than any other channel," and that, "76% of consumers are directly influenced to purchase an item as a result of a direct mail piece. 


3 - No Mailing List Needed

With traditional saturation mail, you would need to purchase a mailing list and address each piece with the resident's name and address, but with Every Door Direct Mail (Retail), you don't need to purchase a list or identify the name of the resident you're mailing to.


4 - Potential Customers Get Your Message

 Using these Flats or "over-sized postcards" as some  people like to call them, allows for your mail to stand out amongst the other pieces your potential clients receive. The person receiving your message does not have to open an envelope to get it AND it's delivered into their mailbox. not on the door, not on the porch and not in an advertisement package with other competing businesses.


5 - Minimal Competition

 Because of the shifts that happen in the economy, businesses are cutting back on their spending and most are cutting back in the area they should never cut... their marketing. Every Door Direct Mail gives you the unfair advantage over your competitors.


Over two billion pieces of Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM as some like to call it, were printed and delivered in the 1st year this service was rolled out by the United States Postal Service.

This service will definitely help you increase business with both new and current customers.

Use Every Door Direct Mail to:

  • Increase your number of new and returning customers
  • Establish relationships with local residents
  • Create a stronger awareness of your brand and physical location

It's ideal for sending coupons, promoting events, announcing new location openings and more. This makes it a perfect fit for service and retail businesses.


Interested in using Every Door Direct Mail for your business? Shoot us a text at (248) 289-3145 and speak with someone on the next steps



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